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This area is designed to inform students and parents how to report something they've seen or heard where a student's safety is at risk. We also want to provide helpful resources for students and parents to know what to do in dealing with child safety matters.


Reporting Forms 案件通報表

For Employees, Volunteers, and Parents 給教職員工、志工及家長

Morrison Academy employees and volunteers are responsible to use this form to report any suspicion, concern or disclosures of any child being at risk of harm, whether in school or outside of school, within 24 hours to the Child Safety Team. Morrison Academy's Child Safety Officer will promptly respond to this report.

無論是在校內還是校外,馬禮遜學校的教職員工和志工有義務在 24 小時內填寫此通報表向「兒少保護團隊」通報任何可疑、擔心或揭露有可能受到不當對待的本校兒童及少年,馬禮遜學校的兒少安全人員亦將及時回覆此通報。

For Students 給學生
The purpose of this form is to give students a way to tell an adult what they saw, heard, or are experiencing in a discrete way. We greatly care about students and want to provide a safe and supportive environment for everyone at Morrison.