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This area is designed to inform students and parents how to report something they've seen or heard where a student's safety is at risk. We also want to provide helpful resources for students and parents to know what to do in dealing with child safety matters.


Reporting Forms 案件通報表

For Employees, Volunteers, and Parents 給教職員工、志工及家長

Morrison Academy employees and volunteers are responsible to use this form to report any suspicion, concern or disclosures of any child being at risk of harm, whether in school or outside of school, within 24 hours to the Child Safety Team. Morrison Academy's Child Safety Officer will promptly respond to this report.

無論是在校內還是校外,馬禮遜學校的教職員工和志工有義務在 24 小時內填寫此通報表向「兒少保護團隊」通報任何可疑、擔心或揭露有可能受到不當對待的本校兒童及少年,馬禮遜學校的兒少安全人員亦將及時回覆此通報。

For Students 給學生
The purpose of this form is to give students a way to tell an adult what they saw, heard, or are experiencing in a discrete way. We greatly care about students and want to provide a safe and supportive environment for everyone at Morrison.

Resources 宣導資源

Common Sense Media

Get advice about Social Media from Common Sense Media editors.

根據非營利機構「常識媒體」(Common Sense Media) 編輯部所提供關於使用社交媒體的建議

Family Online Safety Institute

The Family Online Safety Institute is an international, non-profit organization which works to make the online world safer for kids and their families.

Family Online Safety Institute (家庭線上安全協會)是一個國際性的非營利組織,致力於為兒童及其家人提供更安全的網絡世界。


Axis provides resources to teens and parents. Their free weekly enewsletter, The Cultural Translator, is written "to help parents and caring adults understand and disciple their teenagers" also help parents "stay up to date on the music, movies, TV shows, and social media trends impacting your kid’s world."

Axis 為青少年和家長們提供資源,他們每週的免費電子報“The Cultural Translator”旨在「協助父母及關心的民眾理解和培訓身邊的青少年」,同時也幫助父母「及時了解影響孩子世界的音樂、電影、電視節目和社交媒體趨勢。」

Focus On the Family: Parenting

The Parenting section on Focus On the Family's web site provides plentiful resources and tips for parents to help their children stay safe online.

Focus On the Family 網站為父母提供了豐富育兒資源和提示,幫助他們的孩子安全上網。

eSafety: Parents

Based out of Australia, eSafety seeks to empower web users to have safer, more positive experiences online.

eSafety 總部位於澳大利亞,旨在讓網絡用戶獲得更安全、更積極的線上體驗。